Cheza Music School offers in-home lessons in Nairobi for musical instruments and voice lessons. We have recitals at the end of each term, holiday camps and other performance and learning opportunities.

Cheza Music School was conceived in 2020. We are happy to be providing home lessons to more than 300 pupils in Nairobi.

This homeschool was an idea from four friends studying Music at Kenyatta University. The idea was conceived during a chat.

The need that we address is that of home lessons that has been approached in a haphazard manner for a long time in Nairobi.

Our aim is to ensure quality lessons by regular pupil assessment and teacher training, reporting and lesson planning.

01. Experience

We value experience. Our teachers work under close supervision of very experienced teachers. Regular assessments and performance avenues ensure that our experience is reflected in all pupils.

02. Professionality

We value professionalism. Our teachers are all graduates or under-graduates from music colleges, international music bodies, Early Childhood Development and Education, or other relevant courses.

03. Training

We value academic events. Every 3 months we conduct a workshop for our teachers. These workshops entitled 'becoming a better music teacher' are conducted by experts and are meant to empower our teachers.

04. Recitals

We value performance. Every 3 months our pupils get a performance platform through what we call the End Of Term Recital. All our pupils invite their friends and families to see their musical progress.