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Why I Teach

As a passionate piano teacher, my mission is to cultivate a deep appreciation for music in students of all ages and backgrounds.

I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn piano online, and my goal is to make high-quality music education accessible to students across Kenya.

How I Teach

I offer personalized online piano lessons that are designed to meet each student's unique needs and learning styles.

Through innovative teaching strategies, I create engaging and effective learning experiences, ensuring students can learn piano online with ease and enjoyment.

What I Offer

I provide a range of online piano courses, from a piano course for beginners to advanced private piano lessons.

As an Online Piano Tutor, I offer personalized lessons tailored to each student's level, ensuring continuous progress and development.

I make Virtual Piano Lessons Interactive and engaging thus making learning enjoyable and effective.

My intention is to give the Best Online Piano Lessons through high-quality instruction that brings out the best in every student.

Instead of taking an Online Piano Course, why not get comprehensive real-time courses designed to cover essential techniques and foster a love for music?

My Online Private Piano Lessons are one-on-one sessions that focus on individual student needs.

I only do Online Piano Classes. Cheza Music school will assist you in getting physical lessons.

Teaching Strategies

I employ the following strategies to enhance my online piano lessons:

  • Technology Integration: I use notation software to create flashcards and share them with students. They send me recordings of their progress between sessions, ensuring continuous learning.
  • Multi-Sensory Lessons: A variety of activities engage all senses, helping students learn and appreciate music more deeply.
  • Performance Enhancement: I inspire creativity and thoughtfulness in performances to bring out the best in every pupil.
  • Lesson Planning: Individualized lesson plans are created for each session, considering each student's strengths.
  • Positive Feedback: I avoid negative comments and focus on positive reinforcement, making my students feel valued and motivated.
  • Student Motivation: I reward efforts with sincere positive comments and honest grades.
  • Inquiry-Based Learning: Open and closed questions keep students alert and ensure we are moving together.
  • Performance-Based Technique Reinforcement: Performance pieces are used to reinforce skills and techniques learned during lessons.
  • Patience: Essential to my teaching, ensuring a supportive and encouraging learning environment.


  • Diploma in Music: Kenyatta University, specializing in piano and classical guitar.
  • ABRSM Grade 8 in Music Theory: Covering harmony, composition, arrangement, and analysis.
  • Certificate in Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE).

Additional Courses:

  • Choral Conducting: Kenya Conservatoire of Music (2016)
  • Fundamentals of Conducting Music Ensembles: Coursera (2018)
  • Becoming a Better Music Teacher: Futurelearn (2021)

Online Piano Lessons

I am excited to offer online piano lessons, making high-quality music education accessible to students across Kenya.

Whether you are looking to learn piano online, find the best online piano lessons, or need a piano teacher near you, my online format brings expert instruction right to your door.

Enroll for piano and start your musical journey with the convenience of learning from home.

For those searching for "piano lessons near me," my online piano classes ensure you receive the best online piano tutoring available.

Teaching Experience

Certified Piano Teacher

Josiah is committed to providing a solid music education and instilling a love for music in students of all ages.

Teaching at Cheza Music School

Josiah offers online piano lessons at Cheza Music School, making quality music education accessible to students across Kenya.

Instructor at the Kenya Conservatoire of Music

He teaches piano and other music courses at this prestigious institution.

15+ Years of Private Teaching

With over 15 years of private teaching experience, Josiah has honed his skills in providing personalized piano lessons that cater to individual student needs.

Church Pianist

Josiah serves as a pianist for his local church, bringing his expertise and passion for music to his community.

Focus on All Ages

He loves teaching both kids and adults, creating a supportive and engaging learning environment for students of all ages.



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Email: jshbr7@gmail.com

Phone: 0705285959

Web: muske.co.ke/maestrojosiah

Location: Nairobi