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Apr 26, 2024 at 1:18 pm


Begin your musical journey with Cheza Music School's Free Trial Lessons! Explore piano, guitar, violin, drums, voice, or trumpet with personalized instruction. Experience our dedication firsthand. Here is more about our free trial lessons:.

Experience our quality and dedication

At Cheza Music School, we believe that music is a journey that begins with a single note. 

To give you a glimpse of this beautiful journey, we are delighted to offer a free trial lesson for anyone interested in learning the piano, guitar, violin, drums, voice, or trumpet. 

This is your chance to experience the quality and dedication that sets us apart.

We offer free piano trial lessons, guitar trial lessons, violin trial lessons, drums trial lessons, voice trial lessons and trumpet trial lessons.

Why Offer a Free Trial? 

We understand that choosing the right music school is a significant decision. 

That’s why we offer a free trial lesson to assure you of the quality lessons we provide. 

Our trial lesson is not just an introduction; it’s a reflection of our commitment to nurturing your musical talents.

How to Sign Up for Your Free Trial Lesson 

To take advantage of this opportunity, simply share your home location, email, name of the learner, and phone number with us. 

We will promptly add the learner to our portal and assign a teacher who will craft a personalized lesson plan tailored to the learner’s needs and aspirations. 

This lesson plan will be sent to you in advance.

What to Expect During the Trial Lesson 

On the day of the trial, our teacher will visit your home at the agreed time to conduct an assessment and execute the trial lesson. 

This hands-on experience will allow you to assess our teaching methods and the rapport between the teacher and the learner. 

It’s a full-fledged lesson that promises a comprehensive understanding of what our regular classes entail.

Deciding to Continue Your Musical Journey 

After the trial lesson, you have the power to decide whether to continue with us. 

We are confident that the quality of our instruction and the convenience of our in-home lessons will inspire you to embark on your musical journey with Cheza Music School.

Quality Assurance at Cheza Music School 

Quality is at the heart of what we do. Our instructors are not only dedicated and trained but also passionate about music education. 

They provide customized training that caters to both children and adults, ensuring that every student is well-equipped for success

For more information on how we offer professional piano, guitar, violin, voice, drum and trumpet lessons, and to book your free trial lesson, visit our website or call us.

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