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Course Description

We provide violin lessons in Nairobi for kids (6 years and older) and adults. Our lessons cover everything from basics to advanced skills.

Our trained teachers will help you learn violin in either classical or contemporary approach.

We provide in-home violin lessons in various locations, including but not limited to:

Westlands, Karen, Lavington, Runda, Kilimani, Lang'ata, Parklands, Gigiri, Kileleshwa, Hurlingham, Tatu City, Membley, Kiambu Town, Kahawa West, Kiamumbi and Ruiru.

Whether you're a child or an adult, beginner or on track, we have lessons designed just for you.

We have beginner violin lessons for learners who have never touched the violin.

The one-on-one sessions with our teachers ensure maximum attention, guaranteeing progress in your violin journey

Our teachers want you to learn violin songs you feel passionate about, so be sure to tell them what style of music you enjoy!

The individual violin lessons are highly personalized tailored to the progress and learning ability of each student.

Just like we do with all music instruments, we offer in-home and online violin lessons.

We bring music lessons right into your home, saving you the pain of the traffic jam, parking and waiting.

Among the music schools in Nairobi, Cheza Music School stands out as the most organized and convenient.

Violin lessons for beginners focus on violin basics; learning to read notes, read rhythms, play scales, and performance.

We have integrated music theory progressively in the learner's journey.

Our advanced lessons teach sight reading, accompaniment, and college prep work.

Students may prepare for the ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) exams.

A pupil may also choose to learn contemporary violin - that is playing by ear.

This involves learning how to play melodies by ear and improvising on them using various techniques.

A lesson costs KSh 1,800 for pupils in Nairobi and Kiambu and 2,500 for pupils outside but near Nairobi.

A term has 12 weekly lessons. You will pay 21,600 per term for pupils within Nairobi and 30,000 per term for pupils outside but near Nairobi.

You can pay in two installments.

Whenever you are ready to start, we will arrange how your teacher will be coming to teach you at the comfort of your own home.

So, if you've been searching for a violin instructor near you who can make your musical dreams a reality, look no further than Cheza Music School.

Join us, and let's embark on this melodious journey together.

If you've been searching for the best private violin lessons near you, we can't get nearer than your home :) so you're sorted.

Our experienced violin teachers are going to help you learn to play the violin with precision and passion.

Our basic violin lessons are structured to make learning easy and performance a reality

Contact Us for Violin Classes

Our phone number is 0711832933, and our email address is


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get started with violin lessons?

  • We visit you at your chosen time for an assessment.
  • We determine the best teacher for you.
  • We coordinate the most suitable time for both you and the teacher.
  • The chosen teacher is then assigned to you.
  • Lessons commence on the agreed day and time.
  • Regular check-ins ensure ongoing progress and satisfaction.
  • Any adjustments or additional lessons are easily accommodated based on your evolving needs.

2. Where are you located?

   - Cheza Music School is virtual. We offer in-home violin lessons in various areas, including Westlands, Karen, Lavington, Runda, Kilimani, Lang'ata, Parklands, Gigiri, Kileleshwa, Hurlingham, Tatu City, Membley, Kiamumbi, Kahawa West, Kiambu Town, and Ruiru. We bring the music lessons to your doorstep.

3. What age groups do you cater to for violin lessons?

   - We cater to all age groups, providing tailored violin lessons for children (6 years and above) as well as adults.

4. Are lessons available for both children and adults?

   - Yes, our violin lessons are available for both children and adults.

5. How long is each violin lesson session?

   - Each violin lesson session typically lasts one hour. Our teachers are trained to work toward covering their lesson plans instead of looking at the watch.

6. What is the frequency of the lessons?

   - Lessons are typically done once every week. During the holidays, some children take up to 3 lessons every week.

7. Do I need to have my own violin for the lessons?

   - It is recommended to have your own violin for practice. Cheza Music School can provide guidance on acquiring one if needed.

8. What areas in Nairobi do you provide lessons?

   - Cheza Music School provides violin lessons in various areas, including Westlands, Karen, Lavington, Runda, Kilimani, Lang'ata, Parklands, Gigiri, Kileleshwa, Hurlingham, Tatu City, Membley, Kiamumbi, Kahawa West, Kiambu Town, and Ruiru.

9. How qualified are your violin teachers?

   - Our violin teachers at Cheza Music School are highly qualified, experienced, and trained to provide effective and enjoyable lessons.

10. Can I choose between classical and contemporary violin lessons for sessions?

    - Yes, you can choose between classical and contemporary approaches for your violin lessons based on your preference.

11. What is the cost of violin lessons, and are there any additional fees?

    - Within Nairobi, lessons cost 1,800 per lesson, 21,600 per term.

    - Outside but Near Nairobi, lessons cost 2,500 per lesson, 30,000 per term

12. What is the cancellation policy for lessons?

    - Cheza Music School has a one month notice cancellation policy. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more details.

13. Is there a trial lesson option available before committing to regular lessons?

    - Yes, we offer a trial lesson option for you to experience our violin lessons before committing to regular sessions.

14. How do I schedule and reschedule violin lessons?

    - Scheduling and rescheduling can be done by contacting our administration. We will work with you to find convenient lesson times.

15. What safety measures are in place for lessons, especially considering the current situation?

    - Cheza Music School follows recommended safety measures, including sanitization and adherence to health guidelines, to ensure a safe learning environment for lessons.

16. Do you offer group violin lessons for families or friends?

    - Once in a while, we have all violinists come together with a common piece to play together..

17. Is there any specific preparation or practice routine recommended between lessons?

    - Our teachers will provide guidance on a personalized practice routine to maximize your progress between lessons.

18. Are there any performance opportunities or recitals for students receiving lessons?

    - Cheza Music School organizes periodic recitals and performance opportunities for students to showcase their progress.

19. What happens if the teacher is unable to make it to a scheduled lesson?

    - In the rare event of a teacher being unable to make a scheduled lesson, arrangements will be made for a makeup session.

21. Can lessons be customized to fit my specific learning goals and pace?

    - Yes, our lessons are fully customizable to fit your specific learning goals and pace.

22. How do I pay for violin lessons, and what are the accepted payment methods?

    - Payment details, including accepted methods and schedules, will be provided upon enrollment.


Our Teachers

John Maina Kung'u

Violin Lessons In Nairobi | Learn Violin At Home Teacher

Skilled music teacher with great passion in teaching music to both children and adults, with a diploma in music from Kenyatta University. I enjoy and love teaching music and naturing tallents with ultimate unique professionalism, knowing it can be a sourse of income in the music industry and serves...

Kennedy Macheru

Violin Lessons In Nairobi | Learn Violin At Home Teacher

Music teacher with a Diploma in Music from Kenyatta University, with excellent teaching skills. I love teaching music to and nurturing music talents in Children. I believe they are the future of the Music industry and with good music education, they will have what it takes to make it into the indus...

Baruch Cheleket

Violin Lessons In Nairobi | Learn Violin At Home Teacher

Baruch Cheleket is a music educator with experience in teaching violin, piano and music theory. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Kenyatta University. He loves seeing the growth of students in their musical journey and helping them achieve the best skills. ...

Milcah Mueni

Violin Lessons In Nairobi | Learn Violin At Home Teacher

P1 Trained teacher, diploma in Education with excellent teaching skills. I have done grade 5 in music theory and grade 3 in piano and violin. I love teaching children and seeing them grow into musicians they dream of being. Strengths: Friendly to children, Lesson preparation and execution, prepar...

Slots Available

Level: Any

Duration: 12 Weeks

Frequency: 1 lesson / week

Price: KSh 1,800

Outside Nairobi: KSh 2,500


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